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Sam King


From humble beginnings

Discover the subtle charm of Sam, an Adelaide magician whose street performances won hearts and the prestigious Australian Street Entertainment Championships in 2014. Since then, Sam has shared his passion for magic with audiences in 17 countries, becoming a beloved entertainer at home and abroad. His close-up magic is not just about the spectacle; it’s about creating a personal connection and enhancing your event with a touch of wonder.

Whether it’s a corporate event seeking a memorable touch or a private function looking for an intimate performance, Sam’s approach to magic is flexible and accommodating. His shows are tailored to suit the unique vibe of your gathering, ensuring that each guest feels part of the magic.

Invite Sam to your next event in Adelaide or beyond, and enjoy an experience that combines the marvel of magic with the warmth of genuine entertainment. Contact us to learn more about how Sam’s magic can make your occasion truly special.

How it all began...

Although Sam had a fascination with magic throughout his childhood Sam’s career as a magician started, at the age of 18, as a busker on the streets of Adelaide, South Australia.

For hours on end Sam would stand on the street trying to entertain passers by. After feeling like he had outgrown the streets of Adelaide Sam took on the advice of other artist and began to travel with his newly developed skills as a busker. 

Encouraged by his 2014 win in the Australian Street Entertainment Championships, Sam took his act to 17 different countries, making his show one of Australia’s most valuable exports.

Although you can still catch Sam street performing on the odd occasion, he has since shifted his efforts on creating stage and close up magic experiences for festivals, theatres and private/corporate events. 

Sam King Adelaide Magician Performing Close up Magic Show

Sam's Close-Up Magic: Elevate Your Event Anywhere in Australia

Experience the pinnacle of corporate entertainment with Sam, Adelaide’s award-winning close-up magician celebrated for his “Best Magic” accolade at the Adelaide Fringe. While Adelaide is his home stage, Sam’s bespoke magic knows no bounds, captivating audiences at corporate events across Australia.


Sam’s artistry is the perfect complement to any corporate occasion, from intimate gatherings in Adelaide to grand galas nationwide. His unique blend of elegance and surprise serves as an excellent conversation starter, ensuring each event is both memorable and exquisite.


Book Sam for a sophisticated performance that transcends borders. Whether your event is in the heart of Adelaide or elsewhere in Australia, prepare for an affair that melds corporate professionalism with the enchanting world of magic.


Contact us now to bring Sam’s celebrated close-up magic to your next corporate event, anywhere in Australia. Let’s create a nationwide sensation together.

Sam King: Australia's Premier Magician for Nationwide Events

Sam King, a dedicated magician known for his refined performances, offers a touch of elegance to events across Australia. His approach to magic is understated yet profound, enchanting audiences from Adelaide to Darwin with a style that is both sophisticated and discreet.

Sam’s commitment to the craft shines through in every performance, whether it’s a corporate gathering in Canberra, a fundraising event in Hobart, or a private party in Brisbane. His presence is a quiet promise of quality, with a repertoire designed to respectfully complement any occasion.

Consider Sam King for an event that values subtlety and professionalism in its entertainment. His performances are thoughtfully tailored to the audience, ensuring a magical experience that is personal, engaging, and unassumingly remarkable. Connect with us to bring Sam’s graceful magic to your event, anywhere in Australia.

Sam King Corperate Wedding Magician Standing In Adelaide, Australia
Corperate close-up Adelaide Magician Sam King

Close Up

Everyone loves close-up magic. You know you’re being had, but how is it done? As well as being a competent stand up and stage performer, Sam is a skilled sleight-of-hand artist. Join him in his close-up show and enjoy a just-for-you experience like no other.

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Dry wit and a laconic take on the life of a magician has led to Sam being honored with multiple awards for his stage show such as “Runner up of Raw Comedy South Australia 2021,” and winner of “BEST MAGIC” as well as the “ONE TO WATCH” award at Adelaide Fringe 2022.

Festival Shows

Ta Da Sam King Edited


The Ramblings of a Magician

What is a magician without his rabbit? Is there life after Thumper? This absurd comedy magic show features original illusions and surreal storytelling as Sam comes to terms with the death of his beloved rabbit. An existential crisis you won’t want to miss. Winner of “BEST MAGIC” and the “ONE TO WATCH” award at Adelaide Fringe 2022. Fresh from a season at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Sam King is a magician and street performer from Adelaide, South Australia. Available for bookings for festivals and corporate.

Tricks and Stuff

Intimate close up magic is an experience not to be missed! Acclaimed international magician Sam King takes a break from his normal stage and street shows to bring magic up close and personal.

With only 30 people at a single table, Sam will amaze and mystify you while you watch the impossible right before your eyes. A cosy show for a night of wonder.

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